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Interested in a bicycle parking rack for your business, organization, or residence?

Special pricing offered for Businesses, Churches, Schools and Non-Profits.

Ongoing, the City of Colorado Springs & Bike Colorado Springs would like to see the newer style racks installed. Referring to the inverted U-style racks. (See the city master plan on the link below) Older versions of parking racks like the grid and wave racks are less desirable, and in some cases not functional. Not acceptable. 

Reasons: Pro & Con
  • Con: Being less functional or not functional (because of tire size). Has minimal security (less locking points).
  •  Pro: Easily locking the bike to the rack w/two locking or support points), leading to less chance of falling
    over and less chance of bike or parts of bike stolen. 
  • Public Right of Way - If bike rack is placed on public right of way. You will need to apply for a permit through the city and the city approved
    rack cannot have any signage or stickers of advertisement other than the racks manufacturer name on it. 
  • Private or Personal Property - While there is no perfect solution to parking or storage of bicycles. It is of course your choice as to the style of rack you
    decide on. But the above information still applies.
Ted’s usually carries the inverted U-Racks in stock. Other variations available to order.  
With Ted’s Bicycles Sign (Offered to Business, Church, School or Non-Profit within the Pikes Peak Region) 
  • Rack: Wholesale 
    • Shipping to Ted’s: No Charge on most U-racks
    • Delivery from Ted’s: No Charge
    • Install: No Charge (If anchoring on to poured concrete) 

      Recommendations: If needed, Ted’s will offer to come to address and assist in recommendations

  • Rack Only (no sign): 
    • Shipping to Ted’s: Call for quote
    • Delivery from Ted’s: No Charge (within the Pikes Peak Region)
    • Install: No Charge (If anchoring on to poured concrete) 

      Recommendations: Call us for quotes and recommendations