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Bike Fits are back! Please call ahead to make an appointment.

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Bike Fit Colorado springs

Bike Fit

Proper bike fitting is essential for comfort, efficiency, and performance. The type of bike fitting we do for our riders depends on their needs, physical condition, goals and the the type of bike purchased.

If you're uncomfortable on your bike, suffering from numb hands, a stiff neck, achy wrists or back pain, our trained technicians can help.

Contact us first for an appointment and plan on spending from 30 minutes to an hour in your session. Our technicians will discuss with you your cycling goals, problems and issues.

Give us a call to discuss your bike fitting needs today!

Frame Fit includes:

Frame size analysis if necessary, dialing in seat height, seat fore-and-aft position, seat angle,

 stem extension, stem angle, handle bar width. Position brake and shift levers to

match posture and adjust reach. If necessary, we will re-adjust your cleats.

Bike Fitting cost ranges from $15.00 - $59.95 depending on what all needs to be done.

*We offer this as a free service if you are purchasing a new bike from us.*


        "The staff took the time to properly fit me to the way I ride naturally. These guys went above and beyond what was necessary, and were wonderful!" 

-Katie R.