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The Bob Telmosse Foundation

Bob Telmossé Christmas Give-a-Way

Dedicated to keeping the Christmas Spirit alive and embracing the lives of children and families in the Pikes Peak Region through community action projects.

The pandemic forces a change for the
2020 Bob Telmosse Christmas Giveaway.

A popular Christmas gift drive will take a new approach to giving this year, focusing on food and gift cards rather than toys amid the COVID-19 pandemic..... Read the rest of the article here.


Bike Donations

Since we are not able to distribute toys or bikes this year due to the pandemic, we are asking for cash donations or for Walmart gift cards in $10.00 increments. This way, kids will get to pick out their own toys! Click the button to learn more about how to donate.

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Ted's Bicycles Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are coming soon! Click here to check for updates.