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Bike Clinic Too

Ted's Bicycles is a drop-off location for  Bike Clinic Too donations. 

bike clinic too

"Bike Clinic Too helps those in need to get bicycles in the Pikes Peak Region. We are the the sister shop to the original Bike Clinic, founded in 1993 by Peter Sprunger-Froese and Brian Gravestock.

We provide the unmatched utility of a bicycle to local homeless and others in need. Many are friendless and have nothing. The gift of a bicycle is not just a gift of transportation, it is a gift of hope that is unconditional. Skilled mechanics under Brian’s leadership labor to make donated used bicycles roadworthy again. The bikes are provided along with free ongoing repairs.

Using our unique skills and a friendly approach, our clients receive a used but serviceable bicycle, which becomes a way to seek employment, get to appointments, attend classes, and find independence. On the “green” front, we save bicycles that otherwise might end up in the landfill, though we’re best served by donors who give us bikes in good condition. Wanting to make a difference, we’ve found a way to bring tangible aid to our fellow human beings."

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